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The Farm House Restaurant, Nashville, TN

My husband and I spent a long weekend traveling to Shelbyville, Tennessee for an equine awards banquet. Shelbyville is about an hour southwest of Nashville, and we would be in Nashville around dinner time. So instead of eating something from the cooler or something from the realm of fast food, I suggested he find a place in Nashville for us to get a bite.

He found this remarkable place!

The Farm House Restaurant, Nashville, TN

The Farm House is an amazing haven amidst a sea of neon-lit honky-tonks and all-night boot and hat retail shops along Broadway.

The whole concept focuses on local and eating the whole hog - most often, literally. Just my kind of place! The decor is reclaimed wood, the glasses are recycled wine bottles and the stoneware is produced by a local craftsman (and signed!)

I wish I could have eaten the whole menu, but sadly, there is only so much room. So my husband and I agreed to the eating strategy of ordering a few appetizers and small plates

So, we started with the pimento cheese beignets. Unlike

the New Orleans Café Du Monde specialties, these are savory, combining that classic pimento cheese appetizer with a fluffy, non-greasy pastry and chic onion ash.

We also had to try the pigs ears. Come on - when was the last time you have seen pigs ears on the menu? That's right - never. So of course they were ordered. And they were everything I hoped the would be. Sticky with

cartilage, the crispiness of


or cracklins, and all the sweet-hot flavors of Asian street foods. My only issue is that they gave us too much in combination with everything that we've ordered. The richness would be perfect on a chilly summer evening with a cold beer. (I have a feeling I will have future posts about adventures in making pig ears!)

The last two things we ordered: the rabbit confit and hot chicken (come's Nashville - how could we NOT have hot chicken?!) were equally incredible!

Hot chicken
Rabbit confit

If you are ever in Nashville, please visit this localvore-focused restaurant!

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