• Andrea K. Marcinkus


My Whole Hog is a blog about gardening, cooking, and eating in a sustainable way. I'm not perfect - I will give in to delivery pizza and chips, but on a whole, I've been trying to live and eat a life of making conscious choices about my food.

Me and my rescue chicken, Letti.

I decided to launch this blog after year of my friends telling me I needed to write a book about my cooking. Maybe I will - eventually - but to start to gather everything seems like a daunting task. I thought I would post as I cook - I'm terrible about making the same thing twice. This way I will have a record of what I'm making and if it was successful, or not.

A few things you should be aware of: I eat everything. (Well almost - my grandfather, who was a butcher, told me never to eat brains, and I won't. grr......zombies!) This will not be a blog for those of you who are squeamish about others eating meat, eating parts that might be "unconventional" (like marrow or liver), or eating rabbit.

Part of my eating philosophy is eat everything that the animal provides. I try to make food so that "leftovers" aren't left over, but an important part of the cooking/eating process. For example, I think its one hell of a waste to throw bones away without making stock.

Fishing for tuna in Roatan, Honduras

A second part is to grow what you can, get what you can from local growers, and shop small local grocers when you can't. I wish I could be better at this all the time. With a demanding career, husband (not so demanding), and a horse, this doesn't always happen. (Especially with my cheese addiction.) But I try my best.

Thank you for visiting and reading!

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