I grew up gardening and cooking - in the city. Over the past few years I've come to realize that my family's way of life was vastly different than most: raising rabbits for meat, putting up the harvest, baking bread every week. I think these are lost arts. This blog is an attempt to document this way and to help others to achieve it in a modern world.


Snout-to-tail living

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Vegan Trio

Dryad's Saddle Mushroom Duxelles

When out hunting for morel mushrooms in May, be on the look out for these tasty (and often over-looked) fungi. The Dryad's Saddle, or...

Weekly Lunch

It's hard to eat healthy foods at lunch and not spend a fortune with expensive restaurant salads, pricey "grain bowls" from trendy...

Chicken Nuggets!

So, I while back, I did one of those fad no-carb diets. (Don't judge me - you tried it, too). :D While the diet was terrible, this was...

Local Seed Swap

Happy National Seed Swap Day! This morning, I participated in my local seed swap, held at our library, and sponsored by the University of...